The AFFathers Community

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What is the AFFathers Community?

The AFFathers Community is a supportive place for dads in early/long-term recovery from alcohol addiction who are looking to form connections with other sober dads, tackle parenting issues and support other fathers through the ups and downs of parenting/living life without alcohol.

We want you to gain strength from this community to better yourself, make long-lasting friendships and help others.

Together we will:

  • Support you on your recovery journey
  • Help you become the best father you can be

How Do I Join?

Once you subscribe via the button below, you will receive instructions on joining the community in your welcome email.

How Much Does It Cost?

The community is just $5 a month and all you need is the Telegram app! Your monthly payment contributes towards hosting the weekly meeting and regular emails.

You can also donate some coffee (or non-alcoholic beer) via this link.

Please note: This group is not a replacement for medical/professional help but is a great place to connect with dads who have more than likely shared the same experiences with alcohol as you.

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Join the AFFathers Community for fathers in early/long-term recovery from alcohol addiction

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The AFFathers Community

2 ratings